Gas fireplace
Gas fireplace
Gas fireplace

Fireplaces, Furnaces & Other Gas Appliances for Your Home

Knowing what you want to heat is important when buying a gas appliance. What are you trying to heat? Is it just a room or the whole house? Is it part of the house or the garage? Depending on the space you want to heat, Dale’s Wood and Gas Heat Specialists offers a large variety of gas appliances to fit just about any home. Free-standing stoves, fireplace inserts, zero-clearance units, furnaces, or overhead heating units are all available from Dale’s.

To get you started on finding the right gas heating appliance, one of our experts can visit your home to take measurements and get a sense of the space you want to heat. This visit is completely free for the Prince George area. However, we do provide visits to areas a little farther out for just a nominal cost to cover our fuel and time. From our visit you will receive an itemized quote that we stick to. Schedule a free on-site visit today.

At Dale's we have access to a wide variety of gas appliances from a number of different manufacturers:

Gas Care Products
Special glass cleaning supplies, replacement parts, new glass, and other gas fireplace products are available at Dale’s. We have all you need to take care of your heating appliance.

Chimney Requirements
Find many chimney parts and supplies for a proper gas installation at our store. Visit our showroom to see what’s in stock.

1. Eviro – Ascot, EG28 & Westport
Enviro’s free-standing stoves are made with the decorator market in mind. They have the cast (Ascot) and more traditional stove look to them. No matter what space you need to heat, we have a wide range of heaters from small units for just rooms to larger appliances to heat the whole house.

2. Napoleon® – Arlington, Bayfield, Castlemore & GDS60
Our showroom has only the best gas stoves on the market. You can find Napoleon® brand models from Arlington to Castlemore. Browse our showroom and find the gas appliance that fits your needs.

3. Valor® – Portrait Series – President Freestanding, Lift Freestanding & Madrona
Valor® heating units are available at Dale’s. Stylish and functional, the Valor® gas appliances come with handheld remote control functions, no pilot light (saving you $8 - $15 monthly), and automatic shut-off. Thanks to the remote control you can heat an entire room or just a small space near you. You will save energy with the automatic on and off program which features a range of daytime and nighttime settings. Flame adjustments are also available so get just the right amount of heat. Furthermore, these units are battery operated meaning if your power goes out the fireplace will still function.


1. Valor® – Portrait Series (President, Bolero, Senator, Windsor Arch, Stonefire, Freestyle & Ledge), Horizon Series (Classic, Fenderfire, Contemporary Cast & Clearview), H4 Series & Legend G3 Series
Similar to the free-standing units, the Valor® insert gas fireplace has many great features including, but not limited to:
• Handheld remote control thermostat
• No pilot light (saves money)
• Programmable on/off function
• Adjustable flame settings
• Battery powered

2. Napoleon® – GI3600N, GDIZC-N, GDI-44N, GDI-30N, GDI-30GN & IR Series
Improve the heating in your home with a gas insert fireplace by Napoleon®. Dale’s showroom has a varied selection of models from which to choose. Find both contemporary and traditional designs on display.

3. Enviro – E20, E30, E33, Focus DX & Sienna
The Enviro brand of insert gas fireplaces provides all the traditional comfort with ease. Add remotes for convenient control from any spot in the room. A number of interchangeable surrounds are available so you can match your insert fireplace to your décor needs.

1. Enviro – DV 36 & DV 42 DX
Modern and traditional styles are available for these zero-clearance Enviro fireplaces. As the most technologically-advanced fireplace, zero-clearance models are sturdy and stylish with designs ranging from antique copper trim to cast iron faces.

2. Westgate
Dale’s Wood and Gas Heat Specialists carries Westgate zero-clearance fireplaces. With over a 100 different designs available, you can find a gas fireplace that is versatile and beautiful enough for your home’s décor. Westgate’s styles are stunning so visit our showroom to see all of our zero-clearance fireplaces on display.

3. Napoleon® – BGD33NR, GD33NR, BGD34NT, GD34NT, BGD36NTR, GD36NTR, BGD36CFNTR & BGNV36N
Zero-clearance fireplaces are also available from Napoleon®. Browse through our showroom located at the corner of 3rd and Quebec to see what the models we have on display.


Dale’s Wood and Gas Heat Specialists carries a range of gas furnaces. We install any furnace you purchase from us. Although we have a large number of furnaces from other dealers, we highly recommend the Napoleon® brand that has proven one of the best in the market.

Napoleon® – 9500 Series, 9600 Series & 9700 Series
The Napoleon® furnace series are all Canadian made and offer 96-98% efficiency, making them one of the best in the industry. Features include a see-through panel, two-stage variable speed, humidifier, and air cleaning options. Thanks to many newly engineered efficiency items, the Napoleon® furnace promises a “whisper quiet” operation. We have many gas furnace replacements that can also be used as an add-on to a wood furnace.

Wall Units

PSG – Longvie Series (DV-20 & DV-12)
If you have a small room with limited space for a heat source, consider a PSG wall unit. These units attach to the wall and directly vent to the outside. A wall unit is the perfect choice for those hard to heat spaces.


Dale’s has our own gas specialists and technicians available to properly install your gas appliance according to code. No matter what heating product you decide to purchase, we can take care of you.