Living room fireplace
Living room fireplace
Living room fireplace

Heating Your Home: Appliance Terminology

Dale’s Wood and Gas Heat Specialists, Prince George, sells and installs a variety of heating appliances. We stock a diverse selection of units in order to accommodate just about every home. Stop by our showroom today to what kind of heating appliances we have available.

A self-contained unit, the standalone fireplace is for inside use and requires only the chimney to be attached. Other items like floor pads are also required by code. An example of a standalone includes the Blaze King Princess and Enviro 1700 FSF.

Designed to fit into an existing masonry fireplace with a masonry chimney, an insert unit is includes an Enviro 1700 Kodiac and a Blaze King Princess Insert P11010A.

A zero-clearance unit may be installed and framed around with combustibles up to the offsets provided. An example of a zero-clearance unit is an RSF Opel 2.

Furnaces release heat that is circulated through a duct system of your house. Some furnaces available include Napoleon® Ultimate 9700 and Blaze King Apex.

Boilers can be used both indoors and outdoors. A boiler unit creates heat that is then pumped as a liquid throughout a house or building through radiators or under-floor heating systems.