Dale’s Certifications, Codes & Other Information

WETT Certification
Dale’s Wood and Gas Heat Specialists are Wood Energy Technical Training (WETT) certified. With the WETT certification, we insure that all wood burning units we install follow all applicable National, Provincial, and Local Codes as well as manufacturer’s requirements. WETT is separate from the Permit and Codes of the City or Region.

Separate from the WETT certification, the local government unit (Region or City) ensures that governmental codes have been met with each installation. A permit is required and an inspection before each installation.

CSA & UL Numbers
Wood burning units have stricter code requirements in the city of Prince George. Some units can be installed in the Region but not in the City. A number is assigned to each wood burning unit by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the United Laboratories (UL). This number matches up with the expected criteria set by the City and the Region. Some units that can be installed in the Region cannot be installed in the City.

To learn more about the certifications we have and the codes we follow, call Dale’s Wood and Gas Heat Specialists today. Read up on our chimney and heat appliance terminology for more information.