Wood stove
Wood stove
Wood stove

Fireplaces, Furnaces & Other Gas Appliances for Your Home

Depending on what you want to heat, Dale’s Wood and Gas Specialists can help you choose the wood heating unit that best serves your home. If you want to heat your entire home, a free-standing, zero-clearance, or furnace may be your best bet. Planning to heat only a small area? Then a smaller free-standing or insert unit may be what you need.

Dale’s offers a free on-site visit to help you decide what heating unit will work best for your home. We take into account the type of roof you have, the material of the shingles, and how the chimney would need to be installed. Our store caters to residents throughout the Prince George area. Visits are also available to those outside our service area for an additional cost to cover fuel and time. Please call us to schedule your on-site visit.
Free-Standing Stoves
The most efficient form of wood heating, the free-standing stove can be centrally located to give your home remarkable heat production. A free-standing stove can heat your whole house up to and exceeding, in some cases, 3000 sq. ft. of combined floor.

Dale’s carries insert chimneys from Enviro, Blaze King, Napoleon®, and Majestic. With an insert you can make use of your sting masonry chimney by turning it into an efficient wood-burning product.

Don’t have the traditional masonry structure for a fireplace? Not to worry. A zero-clearance is a wood-burning fireplace designed for such a scenario. You can install a zero-clearance fireplace just about anywhere in your home (if space allows). Combustibles can be built right up to the offsets installed on the appliance. This gives you the ability to design your own look (for example plain, rock, brick, or wallboard look). Find zero-clearance brands like RSF, Renaissance Rumford, and Majestic at Dale’s.

Wood furnaces hook up to your existing ductwork, partnering with another fuel source so that both systems use the same blower and delivery system. The wood furnace is used by the system as long as there is wood to burn in the box. If the wood gets low, the secondary source whether coal, gas, propane or electric will then take over. Brands you will find at Dale’s include Napoleon®, Valley Comfort, Blaze King, and Ardent.
Boilers are part of a more technical field, and we will need you to call the store for more details.

Wood Care Products
Thanks to new and useful products your experience with a wood-burning device is made much easier. Chopping kindling is rare nowadays. Thanks to fire gels and starter bricks you no longer need to worry about messy kindling. These artificial substitutes do a great job with starting larger pieces that you have brought from your woodshed to the house. Cleaning products for fireplace glass, high heat paint for touchups, innovative creosote removers, gasket replacement products, brushes, and more are all found at Dale’s.

Our Service
Dale’s Wood and Gas Heat Specialists is dedicated to providing you with the utmost in professionalism. Our personnel can complete all wood installations up to and even exceeding WETT certification, passing your inspection by the Regional District or City. We will not give up until your fireplace or any other heating appliance has been properly installed.